Lingerie Day

Lingerie Day at Camel Toe Gentlemen’s Bar in South Pattaya

og-img-lingerieThursday’s at the Camel Toe Gentlemen’s Bar are special indeed. On Thursday’s the girls shed their uniforms, and get their SEXY on with lovely lingerie. Watch the typically sporty sexy vixens of the Toe go to sultry sex goddesses as they don their lingerie.

You can tell when you look at the women they feel sexy in their lingerie. Pay them a compliment and watch them shine. The top three things that make women feel sexy are

“The top three boosts were having silky smooth legs, putting on new underwear and receiving a compliment from a man (or a woman).”

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Sexy Lingerie as a Gift for your Lady at the Toe

Women love gifts, give your lady something to wear for Thursdays Lingerie Day at the Toe any day of the week.

Get a FREE BEER when you sign up for the Camel Toe Newsletter

That’s right, the Camel Toe Gentlemen’s Club will give you a FREE BEER for signing up to receive our monthly newsletter. Once you have signed up for the newsletter get down to the Toe and show them your smart phone, or print out the confirmation and come use it to pay for your first beer.

Get Special Lingerie Photos from Thursdays at the Toe

Another perk to signing up for the Toe newsletter are the pics you get of the gorgeous women. Thusday’s is Lingerie Day, regular days the girls are in uniform, and sometimes we let them dress up in proper cocktail dresses for Cocktail Night. Sometimes it’s nice to class things up, right gentlemen?

Visit the Camel Toe on Thursdays for the Lingerie Party, opens at 1:30 pm on Soi Khaopai 10 near the stadium.